FC Barcelona installed 2nd row of LED Perimeter System at Camp nouJune 2020

With a vast array of new technology initiatives being tested and integrated for the post COVID-19 restart of sports leagues across Europe, FC Barcelona decided to temporarily install a second row of LED to enhance in broadcast brand exposure.

Jordi Camps, Asia-Pacific Managing Director and Global Business Development Director at FC Barcelona says: 
“Given that in-broadcast exposure is one of the highest valued assets at this point due to Covid-19, we asked our LED perimeter technology partner TGI to deliver a second line of LED which would allow us to provide additional media exposure and digital inventory to our partners. The TGI relationship is hugely beneficial to the club as TGI keep bringing new revenue opportunities to the table through their unique technology platforms.”

FC Barcelona and TGI have been working together for a number of years. The first line of LED is also supplied by TGI and is delivering virtual technology for all La Liga games, which allows Barça to deliver targeted advertising to specific regions around the world, hugely enhancing partnership value.

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