Technology is a key pillar of our business, it’s through technology that TGI Sport is at the forefront of delivering commercial growth for our shareholders and partners. We have experienced the evolution of Stadium advertising from static signage to scrolling, through to LED and now advertising multiplication solutions. This dramatically enhances the value of media and marketing rights for mass-audience sporting events for sports rights holders and their brand sponsor and broadcast partners. 

We have made key investments in two of the world’s leading Parallel Advertising and Virtual Replacement technologies that give us a significant leadership position in this growth area.



DCM, Parallel Ads is ground-breaking nonintrusive multi-broadcast technology that allows  multiple channels for segmentation and regionalisation of perimeter advertising in real-time. Parallel Ads (PADS) technology that will open up new revenue streams by providing additional sponsorship inventory on multiple feeds in multiple regions - all at the same time.



Supponor DBR Live™ (Digital Board Replacement) uses a virtual overlay technology replacement procedure to broadcast an augmented reality message solution on the in-stadium LED perimeter boards. DBR Live™ uses patented infrared technologies, custom developed optics, specially modified camera frames, and IR LED perimeter systems, in combination with a high-performance, highly scalable software platform to deliver different ads on the existing LED signage.

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