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TGI sport’s remarkable journey from wrapping trucks back in 1997 to becoming a leading technology partner to the world’s foremost sports organisations. This is the story of a company that understands transformation. As the first producers and providers of digitally-printed field advertising systems, TGI revolutionized commercial opportunities in the sporting arena.

TGI Sport are always ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying and appraising innovations and future trends. Today, TGI and their partner networks are the exclusive providers of multi-feed broadcast technology for MLS, Asian football, Sanzaar and many more.

For a number of years, TGI Sport worked together with FIFA on in-stadium advertising for several World Cup tournaments. TGI Sport have guided numerous partners through the transition from static to rotational advertising in countless sporting locations. More recently, TGI Sport have developed digital LED system solutions - deployed for the very first time on a major stage at the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa. TGI Sport were not only the first to deploy this advanced technology in a sporting context, they continue to occupy pole position in the race for digital systems development in the sports world.

Their activities don’t stop there. Having established themselves as market leaders and indefatigable developers in the field of digital hardware, TGI Sport have made it their mission to engage directly with sports rights holders and brands, helping them to understand their relationship with fans in order to activate and monetize their digital potential. TGI’s comprehensive service covers product development, customization and placement, allied to expert guidance through the digital transformation process. TGI take care of the entire match-day process, designing, preparing and running all systems from only one software management platform. TGI have all the necessary skills to unlock the full potential of deeper fan relationships – from motivation to monetization, from engagement to commitment.

Renowned throughout the USA as a major player in stadium branding, TGI have also expanded successfully into Europe and are now into the third consecutive 3-year-deal with UEFA. The prestigious UEFA Champions League and the Europa League continue to enjoy the benefits of working with TGI for their digital advertising requirements.

The beauty of the TGI approach is that it can be applied to any situation in which a brand seeks to engage with its fans or customer base – energize and monetize!

In France, TGI have rolled out an unprecedented number of LED systems for the French Rugby League in 2017 – 30 stadiums equipped in just two months, underlining TGI’s impressive logistical capabilities.

In 2018, TGI was acquired by leading digital Media company QMS the acquisition complement the exisiting Sport portfolio across Australia and New Zealand, and provide additional scale and growth opportunities. Further strengthen QMS’ position in key strategic international sports markets as TGI continues to expand its geographic footprint, and simultaneously diversify revenue channels.

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Our journey

TGI’s remarkable journey from wrapping trucks to becoming a leading technology partner to the world’s foremost sports organizations. This is the story of a company that understands transformation. 

Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Pat is one of the founders of TGI in 1997, had spent a decade working with the US Soccer federation, and was quick to recognize the huge commercial potential of repeating the trick in the sporting world. Advertising in sports arenas had traditionally taken the form of painted boards – this was an opportunity too good to miss.

CEO/Managing Director - Europe

Rusty is an expert in the field of premium events, completed the TGI executive board when he joined the company in 2005. Since then, TGI have gone from strength to strength, building a global network of relationships with many of the world's leading sports organizations, clubs and brands. TGI products now grace countless arenas around the globe, in full view of the thousands watching in stadiums and millions more watching on screen.