From 1997untilToday

Implementation of PADS (Parallel Advertising) and DRBLive (Digital Board Replacement) technologies.

TGI Global Technology leader is reality.*

3500+ events p.a. across 5 continents.

Team of 300+ employees and freelancers globally.

On the ground in 10+ countries, represented in 30+ countries.

Became subsidiary of QMS Media Group.

Installed virtual broadcast technology in LaLiga.

New partnership with Supponor for broadcast-ready virtual LED solutions.

UEFA renew 3-year Champions League and Super Cup agreement – and add Euro League to the deal.

Delivery and installation of 30 LED Perimeter Systems to the first LNR (French national rugby league) stadiums in just 2 months as part of a
6-year deal for LED perimeter system rental and match day operations

UEFA renew 3-year agreement for Champions League and Super Cup.

Manchester United, 1st permanently installed UEFA compliant LED perimeter system

European subsidiary TGI Europe GmbH is founded in Germany.

Shoc-Trac™ LED perimeter “knock down” system is introduced.

TGI’s perimeter system passes EMC tests, meeting all required European norms.

UEFA sign up to a 3-year deal for LED perimeter signage in the UEFA Champions League, Super Cup and Euro League Final.

PadTrac™ system for American Football perimeter signage is launched.

TGI Media is created to provide LED and animation services.

LED perimeter signage makes its debut at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa – managed by TGI.

LED is introduced to FMF in USA.

TGI in charge of FIFA’s transition from rotating signage to LED perimeter systems at the Confederations Cup in South Africa.

FIFA deal renewal marked by switch from static to rotational signage.

Manufactures and designs 1st LED perimeter system for LA Galaxy

TGI win FIFA signage contract for perimeter signage, branding and décor.

AdTrac system delivered to Major League Soccer in expansion markets.

TGI wins US Major League Soccer field perimeter signage contract with AdTrac.

TGI Systems, LLC is founded in Chicago.

*3 people and a vision.